Brass and Silver Plated Pattern “Calypso” Necklace

Piece Description:

  • Brass “potato chip” beads and silver-plated solid brass discs, hand-knotted on waxed linen
  • Multiple lengths and colors available
Price: $50.00

Brass and White Brass Disc “Isis” Necklace

Piece Description:

  • Brass and White Brass “potato chip” beads, hand-knotted on black waxed linen
  • Length 34″
Price: $75.00

Smokey Gray Fire Polish Agate 4x Wrap Bracelet

Piece Description:

  • Faceted 6mm Fire Polish Agate on black waxed linen with decorative button
  • Length 27″-29″
Price: $85.00

Michele Saulson Designs

I love design. Good design. Crisp clean interiors. Curvy Art Neauveau lines, bold Art Deco pattern, whimsical mixes of ethnic and vintage. When I enter a space that moves me, I feel a rush. To see an art exhibit and be fulfilled – what could be better?

As you enter this space, I hope you feel the beauty of these objects that I have created. There is even a gallery to bring the work closer to you. I love designing and making these pieces, but love even more, the happiness a single piece brings to the wearer.