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Here you will find the most “frequently asked questions” we receive. If you have any questions that aren’t listed here, feel free to contact us.

Is all of your jewelry handmade?
Yes! All of it! Designed and made locally in Michigan.

While all of the work is designed and made in Michigan, some of the materials used are not made in the United States. Gemstones are mined, faceted and drilled all over the world and many of the vintage buttons and unique finds used in the designs, are treasured for their ethnic look and feel.

Are the vintage buttons all one of a kind?
Each vintage button is unique. Some may look similar with details in cut steel or bakelite, for example, and once in a while (its happened twice!) we find a limited set of matching vintage buttons. When that happens we buy the whole caboodle because you never know when you are going to find a trove like that!

What are the earrings made of?
All of the earring findings (the part that goes in your ear or connects beads) are made of either Sterling Silver or Gold Filled.

What is Chainmaille?
Chainmaille (pronounced chain mail) is an ancient technique of combining small metal rings in various patterns, to produce chain or fabric. It was used during Medieval times to fabricate entire suits of armor as the material created is impenetrable to the sword. The next time you are at your local museum check and see if they have one, the Detroit Institute of Arts does in the Hall of Armor!

Some examples of patterning in Chainmaille include: Rope, Byzantine, Box and our favorite European.

I no longer see an item that I am interested in. Help!
If you no longer see an item you can contact us for inquiries.

Do you offer repairs?
That depends on the damage/breakage. We do offer free repairs 6 months from purchase date on the following items:

  • Chainmaille
  • Elastic stretchy bracelets to restring
  • Wood link breakage

We charge to cover labor and materials for the following:

  • Replacing stones/pearls
  • Replacing single earrings (half the charge of the pair)
  • Restringing wrap bracelets
  • Silk cording

You will be contacted about the total repair fee before a repair has begun, which will be calculated based on the extent of the damage.

Repairs that are of no cost within the first 6 months start at the original purchase date. The 6 months does not restart once a piece is repaired. Again, this date reflects purchase date and not repair date!

If you do need a repair, you will need to mail it in a padded envelope or box, as jewelry will rip through paper envelopes. We are not responsible for jewelry lost in the mail due to torn envelopes.

Please send your repairs to:

Michele Saulson Designs
Attn: Repairs
PO Box 250554
Franklin, MI 48025

Do you make custom pieces?
Yes! Please contact us to create a beautiful piece to your exact specifications (based on material availability).

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes we do. For any wholesale inquires, please contact us.

Do you do trunk shows?
Yes, we love coming to you! We are based in Southeastern Michigan, but have scheduled trunk shows in New York, Boston, Chicago and New Orleans!

Do you lend your pieces?
We love lending pieces to stylists, editors, bloggers etc. for shoots or press! Contact us for details.